barndog history

The business was founded in 1987 when owner and then professional musician, Al, decided to come off the road to be with his family.  He started with one small audio system in his home, renting it out to local bands, growing business organically from there.  He eventually had his wife, Cheryl, leave her full time job to join him as the business became larger.  Since then, they have grown to a company that can offer all requirements of event production in one place without subcontracting to other businesses. With a community minded mission statement and an actual brick and mortar storefront and warehouse, Barndog is accessible to all customers to come in and discuss their needs with experienced techs, physically see what they are getting, and ensure that all aspects of their rental or event are managed and operated as required.

Barndog history

The story behind the company name

Many people have asked how we came to name the company Barndog. When the company began, we worked out of our house and very large garage. It was a very small company with one audio system that rotated every weekend. One Sunday evening while socializing around the kitchen table with our one employee, we started tossing around possible company names. Every name thrown out seemed a little ordinary and not memorable at all. Running out of names and with the suggestions getting a little silly, in walked the family dog, Barney. Barney went every where from night clubs to church with us. My husband Al always affectionately called the dog, Barndog. So, when he called Barndog over to him I said that Barndog was a name that people wouldn’t forget soon. Al was a little leery at first but he soon came around to agreeing the name was truly unforgettable.

Barney, the first Barndog is no longer with us but the 8th Barndog, Dug, is guarding the home front. The company has changed and grown so much over the last 37 years. We have a warehouse with store front and I’ve got my garage back, sort of, lol. Barndog has gone from one employee to a team of talented technicians. Come visit us at the shop and say hi to Barndog #8 or to just check out what’s new.

-Cheryl Vickaryous