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About Barndog

Mission Statement

Barndog Productions is committed to delivering superior technical support and service to the entertainment and event industry. We will do this by maintaining a positive team environment and promoting education. We are passionate about our work, dedicated to working with integrity and professionalism for event producers and planners. Our aim is to exceed expectations and deliver value to your customers.

What’s in a Name

The story behind the unique company name is told by co-owner, Cheryl Vickaryous:

“Many people have asked how the company got it’s name. If I had a dime for every time someone asked, I’d be pretty well off now! When we started the company, we worked out of our house and (very large) garage. It was a very small company back then with one audio system that rotated every weekend. One evening while socializing around the kitchen table with our one employee, we started tossing around the company names. Every name we considered seemed a little common, a little ordinary, and not memorable at all.

Running out of names, the suggestions getting a little silly, in walked our family dog, a black lab named Barney. Barney went everywhere from nightclubs to church with us. My husband Al always affectionately called the dog “Barndog” (he was his baby). So when he called old Barndog over to him, I thought out loud that Barndog was a name that people wouldn’t forget soon. Al was a little leery at first, but he soon came around to agreeing the name was truly unforgettable.

Barney, the first barndog is no longer with us but the fourth reincarnation is now our equal-opportunity Barndog, named Lacey. The company has changed and grown, as we are now in a large shop and I’ve got my garage back. We have gone from one to a team of talented employees. Come visit us and see Lacey, Dennis and Mike, Barndogs 4, 5 and 6.”


We provide a huge selection of respected industry standard product lines - the largest inventory in Saskatchewan - and can provide quality products to multiple events. Competitive rates are extended to our customers in flexible packages to meet any need.


Our experience shows. Our full-time staff can provide support and operations for any event and our qualified technicians, provide intuitive consulting and professional stage management.